AI ThinkLab: Robots Camp @ Naperville Park District (5 Days)

REGISTRATION IS FULL NOW! We will have an AI:ThinkLab class in the Fall with the Naperville Park District! Stay tuned for details on that!
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AI ThinkLab: Robots ( ages 7-12)

Explore AI. Build AI Robots.

Let's get hands-on with Artificial Intelligence! In this course, kids are able to use cool AI tools, such as motion tracking and object recognition, to build amazing AI powered robots of different shapes and functions. Kids gain an understanding of using AI to power robots as well as gaining insight into applying AI in an increasingly automated world. Basic computer skills necessary, such as using a keyboard and a mouse.

*Our AI program within the coding software operates offline, ensuring data privacy by not accessing, storing or transmitting any student-related images or personal information.

Your child may bring a snack and water bottle!  We can't wait to see them here!!

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AI ThinkLab: Robots Camp @ Naperville Park District (5 Days) (2024-07-22 - 2024-07-26)
Date & Time

July 22, 2024

Start - 1:00 AM Friday

July 26, 2024

End - 4:00 AM US/Central

Naperville Park District

2244 W 95th Street
Naperville Il 60564 United States
--Naperville Park District--
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