Battle Robots Camp @ Naperville Park District (5 days)


Battle Robots (ages 7-12)

Attention all warriors and engineers! Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled camp at RoboThink, where you'll dive into the world of battle robots. Strap on your hard hat and get ready to build and customize an impressive array of mechanized warriors. Once your robot is battle-ready, step into the arena and face off against other participants in an exhilarating range of activities. With gears, motors, axles, and our top-secret hardware, victory will be within your grasp! No experience necessary– just bring your competitive spirit and get ready to have a blast!

Your child may bring a snack and water bottle!  We can't wait to see them there!!

Battle Robots Camp @ Naperville Park District (5 days) (2024-06-03 - 2024-06-07)
Date & Time

June 3, 2024

Start - 1:00 PM Friday

June 7, 2024

End - 4:00 PM US/Central

Naperville Park District

2244 W 95th Street
Naperville Il 60564 United States
--Naperville Park District--
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