Expedition Mars @ North Naperville- Alfred Rubin Center (6 Weeks)


***North Naperville Families, this location is downtown, right next to Nichols Library! :) 

Prepare for the most thrilling space adventure of a lifetime! Your crew of brave astronauts is about to embark on an expedition to the enigmatic planet Mars. What was supposed to be a simple voyage has turned into a captivating journey filled with mysteries and surprises. Equipped with a fleet of cutting-edge rovers inspired by the legendary Curiosity and Perseverance, it's up to your child to navigate the uncharted terrain and unravel the secrets of this alien world. With gears, axles, motors, and RoboThink's proprietary hardware, they'll also have the opportunity to construct a remarkable spaceship capable of bringing them back home to our beloved solar system. No prior experience necessary– just bid Earth farewell and get ready to set foot on the red planet!

We can't wait to see your child there!

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Expedition Mars @ North Naperville- Alfred Rubin Center (6 Weeks) (2024-04-18 - 2024-05-23)
Date & Time

April 18, 2024

Start - 4:15 PM Thursday

May 23, 2024

End - 5:45 PM US/Central

Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center

305 Jackson Ave
Naperville Il 60540 United States
--Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center--
+1 630-848-5000
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