RoboThink Workshop @ All Saints Catholic Academy

Signups are at max capacity! We look forward to seeing your registered kids here! 

For others who were not able to signup, here is our Naperville Park District spring & summer class schedule!

Attention, future innovators and robotics enthusiasts! Our first RoboThink STEM Robotics Workshop is here! We invite you to embark on a thrilling journey into the captivating world of robotics. Throughout this immersive program, students will acquire invaluable skills while working with mainboards, DC motors, gears, and axles to construct a cool robot design. From agile robots that navigate complex terrain to ingenious automatons that perform intricate tasks, the possibilities are endless. Brace yourself for the ultimate test of your engineering prowess as you take on the challenge of building a robot entirely from scratch. No prior experience required– just bring your passion for discovery and prepare for an experience that will leave you in awe!

All Saints Parents- please come inside 15 minutes early to pickup your child and let them show off their awesome robot build to you!:)

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RoboThink Workshop @ All Saints Catholic Academy (2024-04-10)
Date & Time

April 10, 2024

1:00 PM 2:15 PM US/Central

All Saints Catholic Academy

1155 Aurora Ave.
Naperville Il 60540 United States
--All Saints Catholic Academy--
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